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Why choose Sunkoshi Gurkha Security

Strict Recruitment and Professional Training 

We provide not only with an independent, well trained and highly motivated security team to carry out day to day routine functions, but also make available a pool of skilled resources to act in support of them when necessary.

Through strict recruitment process we ensure that our security staff are in good health and physically fit, mature and responsible, with no criminal offence and have a sound security knowledge and experience.

All of the security guards hired, must have completed the Basic Security Guard Training Program recognized by the SGSIA and possess valid Security Personnel Permit (SPP) issued by the Commissioner of Police, they must also undergo our Induction Training and Refresher Training when needed. 

High caliber security staff with experience and character of professionalism

We are committed to bring our clients high caliber security staff that possess experience and character of professionalism. 

Our guards also focus on presenting a friendly manner, good greeting and grooming and good customer services skills. 

Our key strength is the quality of our people, their commitment, training and adaptability for the task. 

Excellent and competent operations and management staff 

SGS Operation Officers also work closely with our client’s security management to ensure their needs are catered for. Sunkoshi aims for a strict Quality Control with all clients, whereby standards are maintained, problem areas are swiftly identified and appropriate actions are taken to rectify matters requiring attention or review.

With an emphasis on staff selection and coupled with our excellent operation management, we are able to offer services that stand out and differentiate from other service suppliers.

All inclusive security 

Our service includes:

  • Uniform and equipments 
    • SGS provides uniform to guards and enforces the regulation that guards must always wear a clear, tidy and smart uniform. As well as observing a good personal Hygiene and general appearance. When needed we also provide equipments for service such as stationeries, emergency wears such as rain coat, rain boots, construction hats, torch light etc. 


  • Insurance 
    • Comprehensive Public Liability Insurance of HK$10 mil.
    • Employees’ compensation insurance (removed - is) of HK$200 mil.


  • Performance evaluation and service 
    • Sunkoshi has a continual evaluation of its performance and service through meeting with clients, sudden inspections of guards and close communication with all guards. This ensures that our staff maintains the highest standard of disciplines, courtesy, behaviors and consideration in performing their duties.